The 7th Limb Deformity Correction course is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience for orthopedic surgeons and supporting staffs who are involved in management of limb deformities caused by different
underlying problems.

Day 1 :

We will cover basic aspects of limb deformity evaluation and principles of surgical treatment, with practical sessions on acute correction and construction of Ilizarov frame for angular correction.

Day 2 :

We will cover the management of few common conditions, and strategies to prevent / manage complications related to these treatment. Practical sessions will introduce the use of Taylor Spatial Frame hexapod fixator.

Day 3 :

We will cover the management of less common deformities of the upper limb, and also foot ankle deformities. Practical sessions will focus on Ilizarov frame construction for correction of complex foot deformity, and use of hexapod fixator for more common foot ankle pathology.

Day 4 :

Wet lab will focus on acute correction of varus tibia (opening wedge) and valgus femur (closing wedge). We will arrange for C-arm imaging to evaluate the wire placement, degree of correction and fixation with Tomofix plate.

We have invited a few experienced foreign and local experts for the course, and we hope to provide comprehensive learning experience to participants on the management of simple and complex limb deformities. We hope that those interested will register early because we have to limit the number of participants to ensure adequate hands-on experience and effective transfer of knowledge.

Kindly refer to the attachment for the details of the course

7th LDCC Brochure

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